Royal Trux /Ice Cream

Jandek / Could Be Anyone

Joe Coleman / Infernal Machine

Raymond Pettibon With Super Session

/ Love Supreme

The Residents / Hitler Was Vegetarian

Smog / Lost My Key

Tom Dissevelt & Kid Baltan / Orbit Aurora

Negativland / 1

Micky Baker / Baia

Todd Rundgren / The Fire Of Mind Or Solar Fire

/In And Out Chakra We Go

Gary Panter / Pray For Smurph

David fulton / Marcos & Harry Pt.3

The Muffins / Peacock , Leopard And Glass

H.N.A.S./Keine Kusse And Keine To Maten

JB Slik / Starfucker

Kingdom Scum / The Mad Stretch

The Tape Beatles / Grave Implication

Pussy Galore / Constant Pain

The Dramatics / A Bird Life

Loop Orchestra / Romance

Adamski / Alien Breed

Dirty Beachies / Lone Runner

Clouddead / And All You Can Do Is Laugh

A Muzak / A14

Sun City Girls / Thunder Bird

Steve Hiett / Blue Beach

DJ Purple Image / Jeanett

Dj Rashad & Dj Manny / R House

Nuese With Wound / You walrus Hurt The One You Love

Autopoieses / La Vie a Noir Transposed

John Wiggins / Mixture Music

Ciccone Youth / Hi! Everybody!

The Howling Hex / Introducing

Ween / Pure Guava

Stock,hausen & Walkman / Giving Up With

Knxwledge / Hud Dreems

Lokee / Voodoo Gangsta Funk

Eugene Chadbourne / The president ; He Is Insane